Education needs shift from rote learning

The country needs a complete shift from a memory-based education system to the one that enhances students' creative and rational thinking for the elevation of the overall education quality, which remains a major concern, educationists told a roundtable yesterday.

They recommended focusing on elementary education by boosting the quality of teachers, engaging children more in classroom activities, and increasing learning hours in schools.
Over the years, Bangladesh has developed a good education infrastructure and increased primary school enrolment to nearly 100 percent, but quality is still a major concern, they told the discussion, “Seeding Fertile Ground: Education That Works for Bangladesh”, at the office of the Prothom Alo, a Bangla daily, in the capital.
“The purpose of education is not memorising something and answering the questions…but to help them develop learning and understanding skills,” said Shamse Ara Hasan, director of the education programme at Gonosahajjo Sangstha, a development organisation.
Citing a 2012 baseline survey on class-III students conducted under the Third Primary Education Development Programme, she said only 20 percent of students had the competence level of class-III, 30 percent had the level of class-I, and 50 percent had the level of class-II.
“We are failing to think independently because of following the rote learning method,” said Dr Kazi Saleh Ahmed, former vice chancellor of Jahangirnagar University.
Recognising the facts, Primary and Mass Education Minister Mostafizur Rahman said the quality of education remained a question though Bangladesh had achieved many millennium development goals. He blamed teachers' "lack of sincerity" in schools for this.

Shamse Ara, however, said it was the lack of teachers' training, adding that teachers should engage every student in practical activities, using various supportive learning materials.

Dr Shamsher Ali, president of Educational Quality Assurance Foundation, recommended training teachers in practical teaching techniques that best help students' learning.

The teaching process should be arranged in such a way that primary school students learn everything in schools, said Dr Ahmed.

James Jennings, an education expert at the Australian Agency for International Development, called lack of learning in schools as a major contributor to drop-outs. Poor parents stop sending their children to schools when they found their kids not learning anything, he said. 

Dr Manzoor Ahmed, vice chair of the Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE) which organised the discussion with the Prothom Alo, said the teacher-student ratio in Bangladesh was very poor. For 1.7 crore primary school students, there are only four lakh teachers, he added.

CAMPE Executive Director Rasheda K Chowdhury said that in real sense, the education budget was declining whereas it should have gone up.

In the 2012-2013 fiscal, the education sector received 11.3 percent of the budget, which experts say should be 20 percent.

Chowdhury said, “We should think if we will invest more in military or in the future generations.”
Bangladesh usually spends about two percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on education and 1.5 percent on the defence.

Prothom Alo Editor Matiur Rahman was present at the discussion, while its Associate Editor Abdul Qayyum spoke among others.



Britain's National Gallery has become one of a growing number of museums to ban the use of selfie sticks on its premises, citing concerns over the possibility of damage to artworks (as well as the risk of injuring other visitors), as its reasons for doing so. The selfie has become a ubiquitous part of modern life. People can be seen everywhere recording for posterity images of themselves with potential objects of interest (e.g. flowering trees, statues, etc) as well as yet more pictures of themselves staring off moodily into space (preferably against the backdrop of a rice field or a stormy sky).

Many would argue, with some justification, that selfies are mostly harmless. But there are some darker sides to the picture (pun intended). For example, a recent US study found that men who posted more photos of themselves online tended to score higher in measures of narcissism and psychopathy. While posting more photos was found to be consistent with both those tendencies, editing photos before posting was only associated with narcissism i.e. inflated self-image (often motivated by deeper insecurities). It seems psychopathy involves impulsive behaviour, so those individuals just want to put the pictures online immediately, and don't bother with editing!

It should be clarified that this doesn't mean that men (or for that matter, women) who post selfies are actually narcissists or psychopaths. But they do score higher than others in terms of exhibiting these anti-social traits, even when they fall within the normal range of behaviour. And while this particular study focused on men, it is likely that findings would be similar if such research was undertaken with women.

On a much lighter note, in this selfie-plagued world, I was surprised to recently hear a twenty-something friend say that although she is quite happy to post the occasional picture of herself online, she doesn't like taking selfies. When I asked why, she said that she didn't like the angle from which most selfies were taken. “They make you look like those terrible villains in Bangla cinemas, where the bad guy is leering at the captive heroine, and saying 'Eibar tomakey peyechhi, shundori' (this time I finally have you trapped, my lovely)”! Anyway, after reading about the darker side of selfies, I decided not to tell her that a selfie stick would probably allow her to take that picture from any angle she wanted to...


E-learning in Bangladesh

The use of technology in the field of education is becoming indispensable worldwide. The effectiveness of using e-learning tools in the classroom has been studied and proved time and time again.
Studies suggest that effective learning occurs when the senses are stimulated. By stimulating the senses, especially the visual sense, learning can be enhanced. It is further suggested that if multiple senses are stimulated, greater learning takes place. Stimulation through the senses is achieved through a greater variety of colours, volume levels, strong statements, facts presented visually, use of a variety of techniques and media. What better way to tingle multiple senses of a student than using technology, especially information technology?

Information technology is capable of capturing a student's attention through visual representation of concepts taught, sounds, moving pictures as well as interactive activities. A student may sleep through a lecture on the human digestive system. But if he can see visually how the digestive system works, actually see animations of the food moving through the body, listen to the relevant sounds and then do an interactive activity related to the topic, he will find it worth his interest.

As a corollary of information technology comes the internet a worldwide repository of interlinked information from a sea of sources. The use of technologies such as the internet as a teaching tool in schools is not the issue now since it is pervasively used. Rather, the issue is how to effectively employ such technologies and harness fully the new opportunities created by them to promote positive student learning experiences.

The internet basically provides three basic types of tools in the education domain tools for research, tools for communication and tools for construction.

In providing tools for construction, the internet promotes learning by scaffolding varieties of authentic learning activities for students.

Educational institutions today understand this and are already making use of this functional medium in various aspects of their day-to-day activities. From classroom teaching, assigning homework, assessing students and delivering results, technology, and more importantly the internet, is being embedded into the very core of the educational system.

In Bangladesh, however, the use of internet among students is limited to social networking and entertainment. The reason being, lack of appropriate content from the field of education and absence of research based activities and assignments from schools. Inquisitive students often feel lost in the humongous sea of information available on the internet. If they could find something that was close to their school syllabus, they could find it useful and relevant to them.

The Daily Star and Team Creative have jointly launched the country's first assessment website for school students called to engage the Bangladeshi students in using the internet constructively and for education purposes. Russel T Ahmed, CEO of Team Creative says, “Our next generation -- our students will have to face the global competition eventually, since children of their generation in the developed countries are already using technology in their learning process. We need to prepare these students appropriately to face and come out successful in this competition.”

Champs21 is a web-based assessment service for students from Classes 3 to 10 in mathematics and science. Students can take chapter-based and term-based tests throughout the whole session/year following school curriculum. The application scalability aims at drilling down conceptual comprehension as well as functional & relative clarity amongst students. This helps students to assess their strengths and weaknesses, decide which topics need more attention and track their progress.

More varieties of such interactive websites need to be initiated to cater to the needs of our Bangladeshi students, so that they can use the internet more constructively for their personal and holistic development.


Comprehension Practice for School Students - Part #1

Hi, how are you kids? hope you are fine and you study as well. Today I pick a topic for you who are at school. Yes, I'm now sharing you an comprehension with question and answer so that you can practice it to get preparation for your Exam. This is the part no 1 and then I will be publishing more more for you. So no more talking, let's get started.


There lived a poor but worthy farmer in a village. With the small income of his few acres of land, he used to support himself, his wife and seven children. One day while walking through the fields, he was thinking of how he could add to his income. He found a purse of gold which had been dropped by a passer-by. He carried it home and showed it to his wife sho advised him to use it or at least a part of it for themselves. the honest farmer told his wife that honesty is the best policy and that he would first try to find out the man who had lost it. the owner of the purse, a very wealthy man, was at last discovered by the farmer. the rich man took the purse and gave him thanks, but no reward. the wife rebuked the husband for his foolishness. the farmer kept saying. "Honesty is the best policy"

This is the Comprehension for you and now you kids should be asked some questions, Read though the story carefully and try to understand what the meaning of that story and get ready for answer. Firstly go through the questions attentively.

  1.     How did the farmer support himself and his family ?
  2.     How did the farmer come by a gold purse?
  3.     What did his wife advise him to do?
  4.     What was the reply of the farmer to his wife's request?
  5.     Why did the wife consider her husband foolish?

You will found the answer bellow but I would like to request you to write those question on your Note and try yourself to get answer.

  1.     The poor farmer supported himself and his family with the small income of his few acres of land.
  2.     One day while walking through the fields, he found a purse of gold which was dropped by a passer-by.
  3.     His wife advised him to use the purse of gold or at least a part of it for themselves.
  4.     The Farmer replied that honesty is the best policy and he would try to find out the man who had lost it.
  5.     The owner of the purse took back the purse and gave him thanks but no reward. so the wife of the farmer considered her husband foolish.

Really, I think that you found the post very interesting and keep your eyes to see update. Thank you.

How do you disable Automatic app Updates on your Android phone

Normally the developer of an android app always keeps his app up to date according to survive on the fast growing world. When a app is change it's version Google play store will automatically update the app in your phone.
Although it has a value to keep updated with a app but sometimes we feel offended for the automatic update. If you wish to update your apps manually that means which app is needed for update to run properly then you are at right place. Today, I'm getting ready to share you the topic on "how to disable automatic app update on your android phone" so that you can be able to stop automatic update of your apps. Before sharing you the method let's know clearly why we should disable this feature. 
  • You can enable this feature anytime when you feel its need.
  • Due to disable this feature you may save your internet data as well money :D
But you should remember that some valuable applications will not serve you best without regular update. Yaah !! as you have decided so no more talk let's do it by following the bellow instructions.
  • First of all connect internet on your phone and tap on the Play store app. 

  • Now go to the Settings on your play store.

  • Simply tap your finger on Auto-update apps.
  • Now just select "Do not auto-apdate apps". then you are done !!
How was it? I hope you like it. Keep visiting our site to get more interesting tips, tricks and techniques. Bye bye for the day. Normally the developer of an android app always keeps his app up to date according to survive on the fast growing world. When a app is change it's version Google play store will automatically update the app in your phone.

Pierce Brosnan is a professional "fire eater"

Pierce Brosnan is a professional "fire eater", having performed a fire eating act in a circus at a young age. He is the third actor to play James Bond in more than two films, along with Roger Moore and Sean Connery.

In addition to his salary for his James Bond movies, Brosnan received a car. The BMW Z3 from “Golden Eye”, an 8-series BMW (instead of the 750iL) from “Tomorrow Never Dies”, and the Z8 from “The World Is Not Enough”.

In 2004, Quentin Tarantino expressed an interest in directing Brosnan in a version of “Casino Royale” but was turned down by the Bond producers.

It's True !!! Jennifer Lopez

Pop icon Jennifer Lopez got married to singer Marc Anthony in June 2004 in a secret ceremony in her Los Angeles mansion, after just four months of courtship following her failed relationship with actor Ben Affleck. 

On their first anniversary, Marc Anthony bought J-Lo a $1 million diamond engagement ring, because they had never really got engaged.

“I learn from every role I play” … Bijori Barkatullah

Bijori Barkatullah is an actress, model, singer and dancer. She has been in the media for over two decades. She started to act from 1993, with “Shukher Chharpotro,” directed by her father, Mohammad Barkatullah. In an interview with The Daily Star, she spoke about her works and experiences.

What are you doing these days?

Bijori:I am working in selective series and TV plays these days. I am currently doing two drama serials. In one I have completed the 13th episode and in the other the 52nd episode. I also did a tele-film for Tagore birth anniversary on 25 Baishakh.

What made you choose to be a part of the media?

Bijori:It was not a choice, rather my background that brought me here.

Both my parents were actors. My mother even acted during the time she was carrying me. Of course, it was mandatory for me to complete my education. When I graduated from Dhaka University, I had the option to pursue further studies. But I never did, because most importantly, I learn from every role I play.

The best compliment you have received…

Bijori:Well, everything is a compliment; even what a person says to undermine you, should be taken as a compliment. That way you will not get complacent. A child, smiling at you in recognition is also a compliment. An actor should accept all kinds of feedback as a compliment.

Do your personal and professional lives ever collide?

Bijori:It would be a lie to say that it has never conflicted. As a wife, as a mother and as a professional actor, it is most important to strike a balance. There are lots of things that I had to give up because of my family, but I don't regret it. I learnt from my parents. I have seen how they dealt with their professional lives, as they are both media personalities.

What is your dynamics with your fans?

Bijori:If you are in this profession you will definitely come across fans. There's one incident that I remember most, and O guess I will never forget it. In a shopping mall at Kolkata. Out of the blue a lady comes up to me and says “You are Bijori the actress from Bangladesh! You remind me of my daughter.” She hugged me in the middle of the mall – a complete stranger. And then she took a picture with me. I was taken aback for a moment because it was not my country and a complete stranger was hugging me, but it's a special memory now.

Bipasha Basu- Karan Singh Grover's dinner outing

Alone co-stars Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover have been denying their relationship for quite some time now. However, recently the alleged lovebirds were clicked by shutterbugs after a dinner outing with friends at a restaurant in Bandra, Mumbai, reports Mid-day.

While Bipasha chose a short royal blue dress, Karan preferred going casual in a ganji, pants and chappals. This is not the first time that the couple is seen together. Earlier, Bipasha and Karan celebrated the latter's birthday in Goa with friends on February 23.

However, Karan and Bipasha are not the only couple who has been playing hide-and-seek game with the media. Read on to know where the alleged couple of Bollywood, Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra partied together...

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ABCD 2 based on a true story: Remo D'Souza

Director Remo D'Souza says his movie "ABCD 2" is based on the true life story of a 'Fictitious Dance Academy', and that he has not made any changes to the story as he found it "interesting" and "inspiring".

"This film is based on a true story. It's the story of Fictitious Dance Academy from Nalasopara that went all the way from a small town to win a dance show in Las Vegas," Remo said here.

Fictitious Dance Academy, headed by Suresh and Vernon, fought out to win reality shows like "Boogie Woogie", "India's Got Talent 3" and also made it to the finals of World Hip Hop Championship Dance Academy in 2012.

Remo said: "I didn't twist their story much as this original story was so good and inspiring."

In ABCD 2, Varun Dhawan plays Suresh and did extensive rehearsals to get into Suresh's mode of dancing.

The film is a sequel to Remo's 2013 dance-based 3D film ABCD - AnyBody Can Dance and also features Shraddha Kapoor, choreographer-director Prabhudheva and international dancer Lauren Gottlieb.

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When the summer heat and stay healthy harabal Bath

If you have a healthy and refreshing summer heat bath harabala very helpful. However, the ancient Roman community harabala bathera first introduced. It’s popularity spread throughout the world. Body – Bath harabala very popular in the world nowadays to keep a healthy mind. Country – I just like the harabala bathera touches.

Harabala bathera let you know the rules:

    Bath body baby oil or olive oil before * Take mekhe
    * Bathing in hot water for a few slices of ginger can enhance the cold
    * Gosale Use your favorite soap
    * Ginger soap and water after using the ramp to I
    * Thin cloth or sponge bath when her body is well known soap Brush
    * Water nimapata grow with. If you use cold water in the bath chemke
    * Bath water, flower petals, lemon slices put together enhanced. If you wear the face of cold water
    * Bath water and vinegar in a few days to grow
    * Bath before going candanera paste, soap mixed with the outside world is mekhe. Please remove them dry with wet napkins and bath with plenty of water use
    * Olive oil is mixed with sugar and legs as well as the dead cells of the skin and massage
    * Use bath time necessary antiseptic soap, which I will keep you safe from germs.
    * The shampoo spoon, mix together olive oil and a few drops of perfume I use massage, bathing, the smell of your body is a beautiful day.

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Use umbrella wheels – centric

Rain coming days. Shortly after the match the flowers foot. Greens can be seen around the display. It can cause some problems. I just leave it out of the class or the office. It also will not be stuck with the other day. The roads are filled with rain water and the mud. The rush of rain and wet namale birambanaya read. There is a lot to be cold – fever. This can save you a lot of trouble from the rain with an umbrella in one. Rainy day like all his friends in this small device.

But the use of this umbrella wheels – have laws that we know what? I use an umbrella with us in those rules.

Use the right-sized umbrella all the time. Do not forget to use the umbrella. It has to do more than inconvenience.

Do not use an umbrella in the rain, many of the emanatai. But the umbrella of the neighborhood when I come back I do not know how to use the umbrella. People can get around the danger. Many people get hurt. I come from a person with an umbrella in the umbrella to drop down if it does not rain. Take care to prevent anyone else from chatake competition.

He is a tall guy who comes through the front side of the bent and hold your umbrella, and shorten the time to go and put up an umbrella. The head, eyes, or body, to avoid friction.

Before entering into a building to take an umbrella. Wet umbrella in the umbrella of the water from the water off the day. And with a polythene bag and leave. The umbrella can keep it, but after it dries. Wet umbrella inside the building do not match. Do not place it anywhere on the balcony of the umbrella can keep going until dry. Leave to dry in the lap of his own.

Take a look around before opening the umbrella of what is coming. Acanaka open umbrella can be hurt.

If you do not carry an umbrella in the rain to stop. Keep your head to the bottom of the umbrella, walking stick, the way they carry. I do not hamtabena armpits down. Someone could be injured injuries umbrella.

There was an umbrella in the rain, but the storm should not be used. The use of umbrella that will increase your trouble. Ure the umbrella of the collapse and others may be in danger.

It is useful to use it in the proper care umbrella. When you open the umbrella, especially in the case of a long umbrella is opened slowly. If you can not hustle a lot of time can be broken umbrella rod or crank can. Be better off trying to open the umbrella when opening at the bottom. Remember that there is no wasteful umbrella of the house. The umbrella can reduce life expectancy. With a note that she was not wet umbrella in her lap is kept. If you can not read the phangasa wet umbrella.

Take care of her little umbrella and rain on the day of the upakari. The umbrella “etiketa” Respect and rain, rainy day, keep yourself healthy. Refrain from removing birambanaya others, and enjoy the lush nature rain.

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Girls eating peanut butter have lower breast cancer risk

Girls who eat more peanut butter and nuts substantially reduce their risk of breast cancer later in life, a new study has claimed.

The study from Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis and Harvard Medical School shows that girls aged 9 to 15 who regularly ate peanut butter or nuts were 39 per cent less likely to develop benign breast disease by age 30.

Benign breast disease, although noncancerous, increases risk of breast cancer later in life, researchers said.
“These findings suggest that peanut butter could help reduce the risk of breast cancer in women,” said senior author Graham Colditz.

The findings are based on the health histories of 9,039 US girls enrolled in The Growing Up Today Study from 1996 through 2001.

Later, from 2005 through 2010, when the study participants were 18 to 30 years old, they reported whether they had been diagnosed with benign breast disease that had been confirmed by breast biopsy.

The researchers found that participants who ate peanut butter or nuts two times each week were 39 per cent less likely to have developed benign breast disease than those who never ate them.

The study’s findings suggest that beans, lentils, soybeans and corn also may help prevent benign breast disease, but consumption of these foods was much lower in these girls and thus the evidence was weaker.

Past studies have linked peanut butter, nut and vegetable fat consumption to a lower risk for benign breast disease. However, participants in those studies were asked to recall their high school dietary intakes years later.

This new study is the first to use reports made during adolescence, with continued follow-up as cases of benign breast disease are diagnosed in young women.

Because of the obesity epidemic, Colditz recommended that girls replace high-calorie junk foods and sugary beverages with peanut butter or nuts.

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Nail yatne details

It’s a very small part of the body, nails, beauty is less important. We must learn to take care of nails. Regular care will simply have such beautiful and healthy nails. Susthataya nail nail nail to get the details yatne.

Kiutikala look like:

The origin of the nail from the nail place called the place kiutikala. Kiutikalera take care of special needs. No time to look in the skin kiutikale jbalapora which can cause the infection.

Please understand pedikiora:

Yatne pedikiora feet and nails do not waxed before. To get waxed at least 4 hours before pedikiora.

Keep hand tools:

I understand that only the nail tools nail cutting blades and the nelakatarakei bojhato. Cleaning and nails, nails saijim, polish the tools. Keep saranjamagulo hand. The quality of the equipment, note the time of purchase.

Using artificial color:

Nakhe not always a good idea to use artificial colors. Using the color it needs a good kick up the alpaksenera. If you have more time to help nail color nail it creates pressure. Nails need air. So be aware of the use of nail color.

Rimubhare alert:

Rimubhara removing artificial color is used over nail plate. However, it is essential to use quality rimubhara. It makes cheap rimubhara nakhake haludabha which looks gaudy. The use of nail rimubhara be aware of.

Artificial nakhe caution:

Be careful to use artificial nails. Use of artificial nails to use to get better. The use of artificial nails can cause allergies. So be cautious. The Times of India

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হলিউডের ছবিতে ঋত্বিক!

বলিউডের গ্রিক দেবতা খ্যাত ঋত্বিক রোশন হলিউডের ছবিতে অভিনয় করবেন এমন একটা খবর গেল কিছুদিন ধরেই শোনা যাচ্ছিলো। অবশেষে এ বিষয়ে মুখ খুলেছেন তিনি। জানিয়েছেন চলতি বছরই হলিউডের একটি ছবিতে অভিনয় করবেন।

‘ব্যাং ব্যাং’ ছবিতে টম ক্রুজের জুতো পায়ে দর্শকদের সামনে হাজির হয়েছিলেন ঋত্বিক। তবে নিজস্ব ঢং আর অভিনয় গুণে সেই ছবিকে ষোল আনা ভারতীয় করে তুলেছিলেন তিনি। এর মাধ্যমে আরেক বার প্রমাণ হয় যে, বলিউড থেকে কেবল ঋত্বিক হলিউডে যাওয়ার যোগ্য। কারণ এই ছবিতে তিনি এমন সব অ্যাকশন দৃশ্যে অভিনয় করেন, যা এতদিন শুধু হলিউডেই সম্ভব ছিলো।

এদিকে গেল বছরের শেষ দিকে হলিউডি ছবি ‘ফাস্ট অ্যান্ড ফিউরিয়াস’ এর পরিচালকের সঙ্গে কাজ করার বিষয়ে কথা হয়েছিলো ঋত্বিক। কোহেনের সঙ্গে তার বন্ধুতা বাড়িয়েছিল দর্শকদের জল্পনা।এমন কি দুজনকে একসঙ্গে ডিনারও করতে দেখা গিয়েছিল। কিন্তু কোন এক অজানা কারণে তা আর সম্ভব হয়নি। তবে এবার যে হলিউডের ছবিতে কাজ করতে যাচ্ছেন তা নিজ মুখেই স্বীকার করেছেন ঋত্বিক।

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৫ বছর ধরে প্রেম করছেন রণবীর-ক্যাটরিনা

আর কিছুদিনের মধ্যেই শুরু করতে হবে ‘বম্বে ভেলভেট’ ছবির প্রচার। তার আগে ছবির নায়ক, রণবীর কাপুর একটা ছোট ব্রেক নিলেন। উড়ে গেলেন মালদ্বীপ, সঙ্গে ছিলেন প্রেমিকা ক্যাটরিনা।

সবে মাত্র প্লেন থেকে নেমেছেন কি নামেননি অমনি একের পর এক ছবি উঠতে থাকল তাদের। আর সেই সব ছবি সঙ্গে সঙ্গে সোস্যাল মিডিয়াতে আপলোডও হয়ে গেল।যদিও এইবার রণবীর বা ক্যাটরিনা কেউ ক্যামেরা দেখে একবারের জন্যেও মুখ লুকোলেন না।

রণবীর এবং ক্যাটরিনা গতবছর অবধি নিজেদের সম্পর্ক নিয়ে খুব স্পর্শকাতর ছিলেন। কোনওদিন সেভাবে পাবলিকলি নিজেদের সম্পর্কের কথা জানাতেন না। তবে এখন অনেকটা সহজ তারা। এখন অনেক জায়গাতেও তাদের একসঙ্গে দেখা যায়।

গতসপ্তাহে ক্যাটরিনাকে দেখা গেল রণবীরের পরিবারের সঙ্গে একটা নামী রেস্তোরাতে ডিনার করছেন। রণবীর এবং ক্যাটরিনা গত ৫ বছর ধরে প্রেম করছেন। তাদের প্রেম সামনে আসে যখন তারা ইবিজাতে ছুটি কাটাতে গিয়েছিলেন। সমুদ্রসৈকতে ক্যাট আর রণবীরের বেশ কিছু ছবি সোস্যাল মিডিয়াতে ফাঁস হয়ে যায়।

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7.5 magnitude earthquake hits country

An earthquake rattled the capital Dhaka and different parts of the country around 12:15pm on Saturday.
The 7.5 magnitude earthquake's epicentre was Lamjung of Nepal, confirmed Shahidul Hasan, professional assistant Dhaka Meteorological Department.

However, no casualties or damages were immediately reported in the incident.
Different Indian regions also were hit by the earthquake.

More to follow...

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মিনির কাবুলিওয়ালা এখন ঢাকায়

ছোট্ট বাঙালি মেয়ে মিনির প্রতি এক কাবুলিওয়ালার পিতৃস্নেহের গল্প আমাদের সবারই জানা। কাবুলিওয়ালা নামে রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুরের এই ছোটগল্প শুধু আমাদের কাছেই নয়, দুনিয়ার বহু দেশেই কাবুলিওয়ালাদের মানবিক উপস্থাপনে গুরুত্বপূর্ণ ভূমিকা রেখেছে। আলোকচিত্রী ও সাংবাদিক মোসকা নাজিব ও নাজেস আফরোজও রবীন্দ্রনাথের এ ছোটগল্প দিয়েই অনুপ্রাণিত। ‘কাবুল থেকে কলকাতাঃ সম্পর্ক, স্মৃতি ও পরিচয়’ শিরোনামে এক প্রদর্শনীতে তাঁরা তুলে ধরেছেন একালের কাবুলিওয়ালাদের।

রাজধানীর দৃক গ্যালারিতে মোসকা নাজিব ও নাজেস আফরোজের এই যৌথ আলোকচিত্র প্রদর্শনীর উদ্বোধন হয়েছে গতকাল শুক্রবার। গ্যোটে ইনস্টিটিউট ঢাকার আয়োজনে এ প্রদর্শনীতে সহযোগিতা দিচ্ছে দৃক। আগামী ৬ মে পর্যন্ত প্রতিদিন বিকেল ৩টা থেকে রাত ৮টা পর্যন্ত সবার জন্য উন্মুক্ত থাকবে এই প্রদর্শনী।

কাবুলিওয়ালা অথবা কাবুলের লোক মূলত রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুরের ছোট গল্প ‘কাবুলিওয়ালা’র মাধ্যমে ইতিহাসে জায়গা করে নেয়। আফগানিস্তানের লোকেরা কয়েকশ বছর ধরে ভারতে যাতায়াত করে আসছিল, তবে ১৮৯২ সালে কবিগুরুর ‘কাবুলিওয়ালা’ তাদের একটি সহমর্মী ও দীর্ঘস্থায়ী পরিচিতি এনে দেয় সকলের কাছে।

রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুরের কাবুলিওয়ালা দিয়ে প্রভাবিত হয়ে আলোকচিত্রী ও সাংবাদিক মোসকা নাজিব ও নাজেস আফরোজ যৌথভাবে ৩ বছর ধরে ভারতে অবস্থানরত কাবুলিওয়ালা গোষ্ঠীকে পর্যবেক্ষণ করেছেন। তাঁদের লক্ষ্য ছিল ধীরে ধীরে হারিয়ে যেতে থাকা কাবুলিওয়ালা গোষ্ঠীর গত কয়েক দশকের সামাজিক পরিবর্তনগুলোকে তুলে ধরা।

রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুরের কাবুলিওয়ালা গল্পটি বিশ্বের বিভিন্ন দেশে বহু ভাষায় অনূদিত এবং মঞ্চায়িত হয়েছে। এই গল্পের কেন্দ্রীয় চরিত্র এক সুঠামদেহী আফগান পুরুষ। যিনি দূরদেশে এসে দ্বারে দ্বারে শুকনো ফল বিক্রি করে জীবিকা নির্বাহ করেন। এই কাবুলিওয়ালার পরিচয় এবং বন্ধুত্ব হয় ছোট এক বাঙালি মেয়েশিশুর সঙ্গে। মিনি নামের মেয়েটিকে দেখে রহমত নামের ওই কাবুলিওয়ালার মনে পড়ে যায় আফগানিস্তানে রেখে আসা মিনিরই সমবয়সী তাঁর একমাত্র কন্যা শিশুর কথা মনে পড়ে যায়।

ভারতে বসবাসরত আফগান বংশোদ্ভূত নারী মোসকা নাজিব বলেন, ‘নিজের মাতৃভূমি থেকে দূরে থাকার সুবাদে, আমি সব সময়েই আত্মপরিচয় এবং নতুন জায়গার খোঁজে আকৃষ্ট হয়েছি। এ ভাবনাটাই আমাকে ভারতে বসবাসরত আফগানিস্তানের অন্যতম পুরাতন গোষ্ঠীর এ সময়ের জীবনযাপনকে আলোকচিত্রের মাধ্যমে ফুটিয়ে তুলতে আগ্রহী করেছে।’

নাজিব আশা করেন এই আলোকচিত্রগুলোর মাধ্যমে দর্শক কিছুটা হলেও অনুভব করতে পারবেন জন্মসূত্রে পাওয়া নিজস্ব পরিচয়কে ধরে রেখে একটি নতুন দেশে, নতুন জায়গায় গিয়ে বসতি গড়ে তোলাটা কতটা কঠিন!
নাজিব আরও বলেন, ‘আমি এই ছবিগুলো তোলার মাধ্যমে বোঝার চেষ্টা করেছি যে কী করে একটি গোষ্ঠী ১০০ বছরেরও বেশি সময় ধরে নিজস্ব সংস্কৃতি এবং আত্মপরিচয়কে আগলে রেখেছে। এবং তাদের বোঝার মাধ্যমে আমি আমার নিজের দেশ আফগানিস্তানের মানুষের সঙ্গে ওদের একটি যোগসূত্র খুঁজে বের করার চেষ্টা করেছি।’

অন্যদিকে ভারতীয় সাংবাদিক নাজেস আফরোজ পুরো বিষয়টাকে একটু অন্য দৃষ্টিতে সাজিয়ে প্রদর্শনীতে ভিন্নতা আনার চেষ্টা করেছেন। তিনি বলেন, ‘একসময় কলকাতা শহরটি ছিল দারুণ বৈচিত্র্যময়। আর এই বিচিত্র শহরই আজকের এই আমাকে “আমি” করে তুলতে সবচেয়ে বেশি সাহায্য করেছিল। কিন্তু আমি লক্ষ্য করেছি যে গত কয়েক দশকে সেই বৈচিত্র্য কোথায় যেন ফিকে হয়ে গিয়েছে এবং এই পরিবর্তন আমার জন্য কোনোভাবেই সুখকর নয়। এই আলোকচিত্র সিরিজের মাধ্যমে আমি সেই পুরাতন বৈচিত্র্যময় কলকাতাকে সবার সামনে তুলে ধরার চেষ্টা করেছি; বলা যায়, এটি কলকাতার প্রতি আমার শ্রদ্ধা প্রদর্শনের একটি মাধ্যম মাত্র! ’

এই আলোকচিত্র সিরিজটি মানুষের সঙ্গে মানুষের সম্পর্ক; পরিচয়হীনতা এবং একটি নতুন পরিচয় ধারণ করা নিয়ে একটি ধারণা পেতে সাহায্য করবে এবং দর্শককে ভাবিয়ে তুলবে বলে আশাবাদী আয়োজকেরা।

Afridi With Closeness Dismissing rumors Replied: Mehajabin

The media is not the end of gunjanera neighborhood. Celebrity fans of the gunjanera dhalate it a little more fuel to the fire – I prefer. The Pakistani star cricketer Shahid Afridi and Luxor evidenced by the very popular actress mehajabinake matched surrounds. However, with Afridi ‘closeness’ groundless wave of rumors is just mehajabina Khabar. He said, ‘Who in the world does not see it all, the person who is considering the oidinera.’

The hero of the story, a few Afridi own clothing brand show – bananite the room opened. Fashion show was the presentation of the inaugural session of the country’s most popular model mehajabina. Odina Afridi took the lead with a CAT oyakeo he and his sangira. The story began. Through the discussion of the social communication – a storm of criticism. The one in the picture with a Facebook page continues to post comments. I did the bloggers discussed the picha. Jatiyataya injuries allegedly brought a lot of fans mehajabinera. I meet the girl in the promotion of the product mehajabina. In fact, some have said they did not consciousness.

The mehajabina think, as a model country in the world and the consciousness it has not been added to the deyaya. In addition, if the offense with which he was allowed to hold the people who have the wrong aphridike the business. But they should not be criticized.

Kanthe melody poured almost mehajabina said, ‘I have not seen it in all the world. The star cricketer Shahid Afridi. He played a lot of ground. His popularity is worldwide. After receiving an invitation to have ebisayatii evaluation. What else do I have to worry about it as a model?

The little abhimanera mehajabinera in tune. He said, ‘I’m for the promotion of products that are in the wrong. But the girls have their choice of clothing that you can not deny what? Over the last number of the lehenga, a long kamijasaha choice of clothing the young generation. The product has several stalls in front of the international trade. If the government can not give permission for their business, but I’m going to show them what I’ve been wrong?

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‘Nandita I think I still bhulini’

The name of each person in every one of the good works begin. Nandita star amateur model name of each one works just as well come from that day, the day of the first artists of the late Sheikh Md kanthe heard ‘nandita I think I still bhulini’ song. Nandita in this hobby do not know. 

But in the name of the song after hearing it was good lagata his birth. The manner of his long-time interest in the role. Recently, he has met with interest. Main Ahmed, Russell free articles and new ‘cycle’ is a drama starring nandita hobby. 

Last week in a shooting in Uttara and plays a variety of shooting locations have been completed. In contrast to the drama of the pair worked niso apharana. The drama has played niso ground. Drik’s ‘cycle’ Eid staged next to a satellite channel has been created for the campaign.

The lid of the hobby last week’s new drama series, ‘Relations’ – the work has started. In contrast to the drama in her Naeem. Today, he is one of the ramapuraya sohana Khan will play with a different piece of jutibaddha drama.

Again Love Submerged Unusual – Apurbo-Prova !

After the divorce he going to do with the time of the all-time popular actors and actresses Lights criticized.

However, their relationship to deeper Lights apurbake time – the phone is premature. However, where there is again deviating, phusaka eating, chatting away while you are beating a phuraphure.

The Lights are going to be with one of the all-time again. Now that the love of all that he has to leave the house again bamdhateo sapurnna prepared by two.

Director of Riyadh has made such a wonderful story – with prabhake. Between the two old rasayanake he wants to make the enhanced screen. The name of the drama is not yet final.
Riyadh was among the unusual – prabhake rekhei the stories that he created. The idea, both for performance natakatite agree.

In Riyadh, the discussion is still going on with their drama. The final decision will be taken after Eid.
He unusual – Lights Both professional actor – actress. The story needs to be played at the natakatite agree. In the end, they agreed to see whether the issue.

Katrina Kaif is the woman on top

The beauteous Katrina Kaif continues to mesmerise as an actress with the biggest brand value.

It took a foreigner to take Bollywood by storm and make it to the big heap. From a slow start in Boom to the highest position in Dhoom 3, Katrina Kaif’s journey has been nothing short of a fairy tale.

The question of Screen Annual Survey 2013 in this category was which living actress of Hindi cinema has the biggest brand value, and the results pegged the dazzling Katrina Kaif on top with 26 per cent votes in her favour.

It was not surprising that Katrina Kaif topped as the numero uno heroine with the biggest brand value, but it was still revelatory that despite so many more actresses making inroads into tinsel-town and establishing themselves as brands, she made it to the top yet again.

The actress has built her brand slowly and steadily. Despite a disastrous start with Boom and a poor command over Hindi, Katrina Kaif got noticed for her glamour quotient as the leading lady in Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya and Humko Deewana Kar Gaye.

Katrina Kaif soon found her a footing in Bollywood with several hits like Namaste London, Partner, Race and Singh Is Kingg.

However, it was with Kabir Khan’s New York that the actress got noticed for her acting skills, something she followed up with films like Raajneeti, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Jab Tak Hain Jaan.

Though the reviews to her acting ability have been mixed, Katrina Kaif’s intriguing mix of beauty, energy, hard work and dedication have established her as a brand to reckon with. Couple this with the fact that she is one of the most-in-demand face for several multinational brands like Panasonic, Pantene, Titan which has made a formidable brand that she is. Kaif is also an inspiration for several wannabes from all over the world, who dream of Bollywood as their destination.

I was confident Shreyas can open: Amre

Chants of ‘Delhi Delhi’ echoed at the Ferozeshah Kotla Stadium as the Delhi Daredevils cantered to a comprehensive win over the Mumbai Indians and ended their nine-match losing streak at their home ground. The player who led them to the momentous win was the 20-year old Shreyas Iyer. In his first season playing in the Indian Premier League, the youngster from Mumbai, who was contributing vital runs in the previous matches too, converted his innings into a match-winning performance.

Speaking to after his team’s victory against MI, the youngster said, “It is a really, really good feeling to break the jinx of losing home games and I am really happy with the performance of the team today.”

The performance came on the back of a lot of painstaking work put in by both - the lad and his coach. Instrumental in Iyer’s success is DD’s assistant coach, Pravin Amre, who has been grooming him since he was a 13-year old.

Amre, who has shaped quite a few batting careers, is thrilled that the hard work was rewarded. Taking pride in his ward’s success like a parent would in his offspring’s, the coach said, “What we did yesterday has paid off.”

Speaking about the coach’s contribution in his success, Iyer said, “He has really been helping me throughout the tournament. Before every match we practice some techniques and skills which have been helpful.”

The pair were relentlessly going over the techniques and strategies for over an hour under the scorching Delhi sun at the Kotla on the previous day. The session was broken into smaller parts where they carefully worked on different aspects of batting. The coach began by giving practice to negotiate short balls. Explaining the reason for that drill, Amre said, “In the previous game he got out to a short ball, so I knew that they will target him on that. I wanted him to initially leave the ball and be there, because that’s what is very important. He is now at an age when there will be the urge to go after every ball, which is not necessary. He should wait for the ball to come in his area. The ball will come in his zone and only at that time he should bat (play his strokes). Today if you see, he left a couple of short balls and after he settled down, he went after the balls (in his arc).”

They had specifically practiced watching the short ball through to the wicket-keeper’s gloves as well. “For me watching the ball is more important, because sometimes when it’s a short ball he doesn’t watch and goes for the shot. So I just wanted him to watch that short ball carefully,” Amre explained on the finer points he had asked his ward to work on.

Speaking about other insights given by the coach during the extended session, Iyer said, “At the start he just asked me to leave the ball. Because if I commit to playing shots, I might not time (them well) at the start. So he asked me to get set and give myself the chance to charge at the bowler later on.”

Discussing the move to ask Iyer to open the innings, Amre said, “In the practice matches he had batted at No 3 and in one match he got a hundred. In that particular game, we were zero for two in the first over when he went in to bat and from there he got a hundred. So everybody was convinced he can play the new ball also.”

“I really wanted Shreyas to do well simply because he has never opened before. I had that confidence that he can open in this particular format and so I convinced my head coach that he will do the job for our team.”

Speaking about being given the role of an opener, Iyer said, “At the moment I am really enjoying opening the innings. And in the practice matches I was batting at No 3 which is quiet like opening. So it’s not a problem for me at the moment.”

Asked about his reaction when he was told that he would open, the stylish young batsman said, “I was really happy because I got the opportunity to take on the bowlers. It was difficult at the start to face the new bowlers, but I am always up for challenges.”

Speaking about Iyer’s match-winning 83 against MI, Amre explains the plan was for the batsman to bat long. He said, “To be honest, I was angry with him until yesterday because in the last match he got 31 runs and then got out. If he would have been there (longer) in the last match, we would have got an addition 25 odd runs. And today that happened; we reached 190 even though after ten overs we had just 65 runs. In the last ten overs we managed to score 125 and that could happen because there was a batsman at the crease who was set. If you see, it was the partnership between JP Duminy and Shreyas that set-up the game.”

So what was the advice that Amre had given Iyer for the crucial first six overs? “I am just pushing him hard; I am asking him to be there till the eighth over. Once you go in as an opener you get that tendency to focus on only six overs; you go there and play your shots and get as many runs as you can. But I think I was pushing him to (be there) for two more overs.”

Iyer too has taken his coach’s lessons well. “Well, I think if I bat till the 15th over I can get the team to a good total which can help the team win,” he added.

Sachin Tendulkar Birthday April 24 Whatsapp, Facebook status, Wishes and Tweets

Today on 24th April is big day for the Indian cricket team because on this day of 24th April 1973 Sachin Tendulkar is born. Its also know as God of Cricket and many cricket and people are ispired from him. Sachin Tendulkar is the former indian cricket who has made many records in his ODI, T20 and Test Matches so its also included in the list of greatest Crickets of all times.

Today Sachin is celebrate his 41st Birthday so lets wish him by sending a Best Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter Status and say him a Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar in own worlds. No words can be written for this man and to write for God you need to think for a long time. Yes.. Its today Sachin tendulkar Birthday and people are here to wish him happy birthday on social media like facebook, google+, whatsapp and twitter too. So let’s see Sachin Tendulkar 41st Birthday wishes for Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social sites.

Sachin Tendulkar Birthday Best Whatsapp, facebook Status, Incidence to Share, Wishes tweets-

Top Tweets-
“1great thing abt sachin is he accept challenges in cricket,like opening the inngs in NZ n bowling the last over Where players like kapil,n other bowlers refuse to bowl the last over,That what i like in sachin he takes on challenges never say die attitd.”
In his message, West Indian pace legend Courtney Walsh said it was great to see Tendulkar’s passion for the game even after touching 41.
“Have a super birthday little master S Tendulkar great to se you still playing and having fun a true Legend of the game,” Walsh tweeted.
Tendulkar will be celebrating his 41st birthday in Kolkata as his IPL franchise Mumbai Indians will be playing Kolkata Knight Riders in a crucial game tonight.
Tendulkar’s Mumbai Indians team-mates Rohit Sharma, Dinesh Kartik and Pragyan Ojha also wished him on the occasion via twitter.
Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar Special HD wallpaper for whatsapp, facebook

Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar Special HD wallpaper for whatsapp, facebook
Sachin Tendulkar Family Details

Dad’s Name : Ramesh Tendulkar
Sister’s Name : Savitai Tendulkar
Brother’s Name : Nitin Tendulkar & Ajit Tendulkar
Wife’s Name : Anjali Tendulkar
Daughter’s Name : Sarah
Son : Arjun
Sachin Tendulkar Wiki, Biodata, Full Profile
Personal information
Full name     Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
Born     24 April 1973 (age 42)[1]
Bombay, Maharashtra, India
Nickname     Tendlya, Bombay Bomber, Little Master,[1] Master Blaster[2][3]
Height     5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Batting style     Right-handed
Bowling style     Right-arm medium, leg break, off break
Role     Batsman

Pepsi IPL 2015 Today’s Match Live streaming on Set Max, Sony Six

Pepsi Indian Premier League one of the biggest sporting event of Indian Domestic cricket season 8 are starting from the 8th April 2015 in India on various venue. On this Ongoing IPL 2015 Total 60 Matches played including final and this tournament are played for 47 days. IPL T20 tourament is very famous because Too much entertainment for all the cricket fans So every cricket fans are crazy about to watch IPL Live streaming online But Too many friends are don’t know where to watch IPL 2015 Today Matchs Live streaming ? Which tv channel are broadcasting the live streaming for today’s match in your country then this article is surely help you a lot.

Ongoing Pepsi IPL T20 tournament 2015 total 8 teams are participated and its names are Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kings XI Punjab, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Delhi Daredevils, and Kolkata Knight Riders who are playing each other in the league matches and top 4 teams of the IPL Points table are go through to next level.

Today’s Match :

watch Delhi Daredevils vs Kolkata Knight Riders live streaming online (20th April – 8-00 p.m. IST)

Pepsi IPL 8 Today’s Match Live streaming on Set Max, Sony Six of T20 tourament 2015

As you all know, Season 8 of IPL 2015 SET max or Sony Max and Sony Six which are the official broadcasters so they provide live telecast and live streaming in Hindi and English Commentary. So watch this Worth taking T20 Tournament 2015 online by visiting the Set max and sony six channels and became a witness of every big moments of this IPL Tourament 2015. Pepsi IPL 2015 Today’s Big contest of between the two strongest team are telecasted and provide the live streaming on the Sony Six and Set Max TV channels on the official sites.

RR vs RCB Head to Head, Live streaming, Preview Match 22

Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Live streaming tv channels Sony Six, Set Max, Sky sports 24 April

Twenty Second match of the Indian Premier League T20 Tournament will take on today 24th April between Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore. This RR vs RCB Match is played at Sardar Patel Stadium, Motera, Ahmedabad and its schedule to starts on the 8-00 p.m. All the cricket fans are eagerly waiting to this match because its a match between to royals. Now Let’s see Today Match No. 22 of IPL season 8 Rajasthan vs Bangalore Live streaming tv channels details, RR vs RCB Head to Head, Experts Preview and Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Astrology Prediction for today’s match at Motera Ahmedabad.

    Head to Head
    Match Preview
    Live streaming
    Toss Reports
    Team Squad

RR vs RCB Head to Head

Total Matches Played : 13
Rajasthan Royals : 7 times won
Royal Challengers Bangalore : 6 Times won

IPL 8 Match 22 – Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore [RR vs RCB]
Venue – Sardar Patel Stadium, Motera, Ahmedabad
Date – 24 April 2015
Time – 8:00pm IST
Toss – Live at 7:30pm

RR vs RCB Match 22 Expert Prediction 24 April Who will win today ?

Rajasthan vs Bangalore Match Winning Percentage After seen the both teams batting line up and seen the current form of their players Rajasthan are favorites to win today Match 22 and as per our expert predictions they have 55 percent chances over Bangalore.

RR vs RCB Weather Forecast Reports
Today in Sardar Patel, Motera Stadium not any chances of Rain

RR vs RCB Pitch Reports
Today in Sardar Patel, Motera Stadium Ahmedabad Pitch Help to Batsman.

SSC Result 2015 Dhaka

SSC Exam Result 2015 Bangladesh and SSC Result 2015 BD | SSC Result 2015 Dhaka at SSC means Secondary School Certificate and it is equal to Dakhail in Madrassah board. Each year both exams come at the same time in the month of February. In Bangladesh There are nine educational boards.

SSC Result 2015
SSC Result 2015 Published and announced on 30 May

This year SSC exams also began in month of February and finished in month of March. Now all applicants who give SSC exams are now worried waiting for the SSC Result 2015. They are finding on Google every day to know about any news about SSC result. They are talking from their seniors about when result was published last year.

Generally SSC Result is published after 60 days of completion of exams. So desired date is finish of month May or begins of month June. So if you are among those applicants who are waiting for result then enjoy your life and till result keep calm.

Now the question is where we get the SSC result 2015.

No problem we will solve your problem. We must be upload result in our site when it will be published.
SSC Result 2015
If Have You Problem To Get SSC RESULT 2015:

Secondary School Certificate is the elaboration of SSC. The SSC Exam starts on 2nd February 2015. Already start this exam. This time also begin Dakhil exam and SSC Vocational exam. All of the Bangladeshi SSC students are prepared this exam. The SSC Exam 2015 begins on 2nd February and continues up to 10th March 2015. Then SSC Examination Result 2015 will be disclosed. The Bangladesh Dakhil Education Board Dakhil Exam which was managed in the Month of 2nd February 2015, to 10th March 2015 is to be said by Madrasha Education Board .Also Bangladesh Technical Education Board organizes SSC Vocational Exam. This year SSC Exam Result 2015 Published will be very soon. The Result disclosed educational board website and also visit this website then get your SSC Exam Result 2015 Published. SSC Exam Result 2015 will be disclosed May first week 2015.

Secondary School Certificate  already end this year SSC examination was start on 3rd February, 2014 and end this exam March 2014, This year, a total of 14, 03,203 candidates from 27,073 educational organizations registered for the examinations over the country. This year total 7,723 candidates were not present on the first day of Secondary School Certificate (SSC). Eight education boards, one madrasa education board and one technical education board are organizing SSC examination.

Eight education boards have their own website. When SSC examination result disclosed then all education board also disclosed SSC exam result 2015. All information is receiving at time. Any SSC student visit  website. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka is a government organization, mainly responsible for retain two public exams (SSC & HSC) and giving gratitude to the firstly organic non-government. Educational institution and also for the guideline, manage and progress of those governments. A popular board made by the authority of public education sector of greater Bengal was proved the professional to govern the board. Student of Dhaka board is so much and Dinajpur board has very few. Passing rate Dhaka board is high but GPA 5 is high in Barishal board. Dinajpur board is a new educational board.

Educational Boards of Bangladesh are Technical ,Sylhet ,Barisal, Chittagong, Dhaka, Dinajpur ,Comilla, DIBS (Dhaka),  , Jessore, Rajshahi, ,Madrasha, SSC Exam Result 2015 disclosed.

SSC Exam Result 2015

How to get result by SMS via Mobile

Type SSC (space) first three letters of the respective board (space) Roll (space) Year and send it to 16222.

For madrashah board: Type Dakhil (space) Mad (space) Roll (space) Year and send an SMS to 16222
For Technical Board: Type SSC (space) Tec (space) Roll (space) Year and send an SMS to 16222.

SMS charge:2.30 Taka (including vat.15%) (Any operator such as Gp, BL, Airtel, citycell, teletalk, Robi )

You are here for:

All educational board such as Technical, Sylhet, Barisal, Chittagong, Dhaka, Dinajpur ,Comilla, DIBS (Dhaka),  , Jessore, Rajshahi, ,Madrasha, SSC Exam Result 2015 .

Now I can say that all of that information must be helpful for all SSC students. Who want to see SSC 2015 Exam result? SSC Result 2015 Dhaka.